Are you looking forward to the wedding day? If so, then this article is for you.

9 1/2 tips for the bride, which will facilitate your life in preparation for an important day.

Second Shoes
Be sure to take a second shoe without heels. In Montenegro, there are sites where you need to climb the mountain. This must be taken into account. The change of shoes at the banquet will be your salvation, if the shoes on the heels begin to rub. Allow yourself to enjoy the holiday and be in a great mood on this day.

Second dress
Pay attention to dresses transformers. Exquisite long dress turns into a short or unfastened part of the lower skirts. Bring 2-3 dresses is just as interesting an idea. In each image you will be unique.

Rehearsal for styling and make-up
If you want a wedding day "without surprises", make a preliminary hairstyle and makeup. Maybe you'll make changes or change the wizard.

Love story
Videographers recommend to shoot the movie Love story two days before the ceremony. This is an opportunity to discuss some details and better prepare for a video of the celebration. Delightful shots at sunset are guaranteed.

Lipstick, napkins, mascara, nail polish - the required items in your cosmetic bag. Sometimes we invite a make-up artist for 12 hours, so that the bride's make-up is flawless.

Plan for the groom
Men are also worried. If he has a plan and a clear understanding of the actions - it will remove unnecessary anxiety.

A hen party and a bachelor party
It's better to organize a hen party and a stag party 2-3 days before the celebration. Get enough sleep, rest.

Timing of the day
The timing of the day will allow you not to be nervous and know exactly the program of celebration. Timing of the day is a wedding navigator with which it is quiet.

In the evening, prepare the phone, put on charging. It is necessary to be in touch with the coordinator and receive congratulations from friends and relatives.

9 1/2 Smile

Enjoy the first family holiday. Smile, this is your day. You love and you are loved. Wedding ceremony in Montenegro - the perfect solution for couples in love.


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