So, you decided to hold a wedding ceremony in Montenegro. Who to entrust the organization of this event? The agencies that provide wedding services in Montenegro are not so many.
Here are ten tips:

1. PORTFOLIO Look at the website photos from the events.

2. PRICE AND QUALITY Choose an agency where you will be offered what you want at a reasonable price.

3. PROFESSIONAL DESIGN Specialist of the wedding agency will create a design project of the event. It is important to consider everything - your desires, clothes at the ceremony and the place of the banquet.

4. SCHEDULE OF THE AGENCY'S WORK If you have questions, you can contact Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or by mail with the organizer of the event and discuss the details.

5. In our agency there is a vip service, 3 days before the ceremony, the coordinator is available 24 hours.

6. Be sure to find out about the SPECIAL OFFERS that the agency offers, this will allow you to save money.

7. COMMUNICATION Choose an organizer who listens and hears you, with whom you are pleased to communicate 🙂

8. If the agency's employees live in Montenegro, they organize events at any time of the year, there are agencies that come to work only in the summer.

9. If you need accommodation, transfer, excursions ... Employees of the wedding agency will help you in this matter. And they will also agree with organizations ABOUT DISCOUNTS FOR YOU, that would like to thank for your choice 🙂

10. WHERE IS THE GUARANTEE, you ask? The wedding agency must be officially registered on the territory of Montenegro. You sign the contract and in the supplementary application prescribe important points for you.

Make the right choice!
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