note for the bride


Wedding invitations are a prelude to the upcoming happy event. With them, a pleasant expectation begins and the guests prepare for the celebration. Make invitations informationally useful!
How to observe the wedding etiquette and tell the invited guests about the details? We have prepared this information for you!

So, 5 tips for preparing wedding invitations:

№1 Wedding style
To create one style and to get a delightful photo, guests need detailed information:
- wedding style
- a color palette in dresses and accessories (put in the invitation card of acceptable colors and shades).

№2 Desired gift
If you want to receive the gift you want, delicately inform in the invitation about it, for example, the money you want or write a detailed list of your desires.

№3 The program of the evening

A wedding, this event is interesting and full of all kinds of surprises. But it is appropriate to acquaint the guests with the timing of the event and write the main moments of the celebration (the time of the ceremony, the show program, the delivery of gifts, etc.)

№4 Contacts of the wedding coordinator

At the invitation, be sure to write down the number of the wedding coordinator's phone number so that he can solve questions with those who are late and are looking for the place of the ceremony or banquet.

№5 Confirmation of presence at the wedding

Write in the invitation number when you need to confirm the presence at the wedding, specify the number of people. Thanks to this item you can create a list of guests.

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