Symbolic wedding in the mountains

Pronounce the words of love on the top of the mountain to a loved one - the choice of bright and extraordinary personalities. Dizzying views, fresh air, emerald green foliage and unforgettable emotions and sensations.

The mountains are a place of eternity and grandeur, where at every moment everything changes and remains unchanged for centuries. It is a place of strength and special energy.

Montenegro is amazing, where mountain ranges and the cleanest Adriatic Sea were connected. 80% of the country's territory is covered by mountains, whose height exceeds 2000 meters above sea level!

More and more often lovers choose a symbolic wedding ceremony in the mountains of Montenegro, in national parks.

One of the most popular places is Mount Lovcen at an altitude of 1,749 meters above sea level with a view of the Boka Bay of Kotor. By the way, one of the most beautiful on our planet.

It is not necessary to climb a mountain for a wedding ceremony. The site is in a national park and along an asphalt road you can easily reach it by car.

In this park we offer 3 playgrounds to choose from for organizing the ceremony. If you like, any place you like will be yours.

You can arrange a wedding for only two or share the happiness of the birth of a family with your favorite number of guests. And in the mountains celebrate the anniversary of the wedding or relationship.

Love story on video and in photos is a wonderful way to stop the time and again to be on top of the mountain in Montenegro with your loved one.

R.S. Rental of sites paid. After the conclusion of a contract with the agency Event in Montenegro, the agency takes care of booking and making an advance payment for the site.

Choose a venue for the wedding ceremony you can here.

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