What is important to know about a wedding abroad?


Wedding - excitement, tenderness, drive, tears of joy and a smile of loved ones!
Who should you trust with one of the happiest and most important days of your life? Who will deal with all organizational issues in Montenegro? We are the agency "Event in Montenegro" - not only wedding organizers, we are those who will become your friend and assistant in creating your New Family. All the best, already checked by us, for you!

Wedding in Montenegro - it's special!
You, that very unique couple, which is worthy of special emotions. Celebrations, which will be remembered for many years! Just dream ... the magnificence of the mountains, the salty air, the cries of seagulls, the ancient fortresses, the narrow streets, the delicious aroma of flowers and the emerald, enticing, merging with the horizon sea.

Wedding in Montenegro - it's inexpensive!


Some couples and their parents think that a wedding in the Balkans is very expensive. It's a delusion! It turns out much cheaper than a wedding in Russia with a large number of relatives and a show program at the restaurant. Another advantage of a wedding in Montenegro is that it will be the beginning of a honeymoon. You can save money, because traveling within Europe is 3 times cheaper than flying to the same place from Russia.
We will find the most favorable, most delicious offers for you, taking into account your budget.

Wedding in Montenegro - it's easy!
You only need to talk about your dream and enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming event. We can make a video broadcast of your celebration for those who would like to be with you near. You are worthy of a fabulous wedding!

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