Why a better wedding in Montenegro?

свадьба в черногории

To date, recovering on a romantic honeymoon trip is not an indicator of status. Modern trends are such that many happy couples more often prefer the usual wedding ceremonies something more original and unusual, for example, a honeymoon to Montenegro.

The only problem is to find a professional organizer of such events, as many agencies do not dare to take up such orders due to the complexity of implementation, a large number of documents required for filling in and imposing costs. Behind the shoulders of our agency is a list of successfully organized weddings in Montenegro, and we are ready to arrange an unforgettable ceremony for you.

  • First of all, the marriage, held in this country, is recognized by Russian legislation.
    For travel, you do not need to issue a visa.
    Of course, do not forget about the fantastic landscapes off the coast of the Adriatic Sea with its paradise beaches.
    And, of course, this option should be chosen from economic considerations: the wedding in Montenegro is much cheaper than similar celebrations in other foreign countries.

Wedding in Montenegro: price and options

организация свадьбы в черногрии

The conclusion of marriage is carried out officially and symbolically. The only difference between these types is the amount of documentation required and a slightly different scenario for the ceremony.

Of course, everyone understands what a formal marriage is. Another issue is symbolic. This service is an opportunity to make your relationship more vivid and make them more romantic. This can be organized in honor of an important date or anniversary of marriage.

Wedding ceremony in Montenegro "turnkey"

For the prospective newlyweds or the couple in love, who would like to perform a symbolic rite, while not traveling abroad, it is recommended to use the services of our agency, in order to avoid any overlap. Our specialists will consult you and assist with the preparation of the documentation. We can offer our wedding program or hold it according to the wishes of our customers.

Registration of a marriage in Montenegro and a package of services of our agency:

resolution of issues with documentation (registration, translation);
the solution of administrative issues;
provision of interpreter services;
the provision of a musical group / vocal team (musical accompaniment);
sweet and drinks for the ceremony (wine, champagne);
decoration of the venue;
the provision of a photographer and an operator.


The price of a wedding in Montenegro is significantly different from weddings abroad, besides it is much easier to implement. In addition, you can choose any place of action (yacht, sunny beach or any other picturesque corner of Montenegro).

A wedding in Montenegro is a necessity to take into account the slightest nuances: a vehicle, a wedding banquet and, of course, apartments for newlyweds and guests of the event. It is much easier to entrust this to specialists who have experience in holding such events and their full organization.


Concluding the theme of marriages, it is worth paying attention to another event, which is worth noting at the same level and with a grand scale - a birthday in Montenegro. Enchanting views of Montenegro, elite institutions or restaurant complexes - all this is under the power to organize our specialists.

From the organization of the holiday to the delivery of the leading event. Musical accompaniment, a buffet table and any other organizational questions we undertake. You can only enjoy the sunny landscapes and the atmosphere of the resort.

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