Petrovac is located 17 km from Budva. This is a very attractive city, which is surrounded by a coniferous and olive grove. The air here is extraordinarily pure and has medicinal properties.

The undoubted adornment of the city are the two small stone islands of Katich and St. Nedelya, which are located directly opposite the city beach a kilometer from the coastline. The most interesting is the island of St. Nedelya. It once was built the church of the same name. Each of the inhabitants of Petrovac with pleasure will tell you the old legend about this island. In distant and distant times on the sea there was a very strong storm, which caused a terrible shipwreck off the coast of Petrovac. Only a few sailors managed to escape, and found shelter on a small stone island. They built a church on bare stones in gratitude to the Lord for their salvation. Since that time the Holy Week has protected all seafarers of these places.

Among the sights in the vicinity of Petrovac one can single out the monastery of Rezevici of the 14th century, which is 3 km away. from the city. The beauty of this place and the unique architecture of the monastery deserve attention. From Petrovac to the monastery is a picturesque hiking trail along the sea with several toners and observation platforms. On the way you can admire the seascapes, so do not miss the opportunity to take a fascinating walk to the monastery.

The choice of restaurants, cafes, bars on the waterfront and in the city is varied. The hotels are mostly semi-boarded: breakfast and dinner are available for hotel guests. The embankment is filled with cafes and fast food stalls.