This story told me a young nun who lives in the monastery of Rumia in Montenegro. Sweetie, with freckles on her face and big gray eyes. She told me about her life, about the power of prayer and about the miracles of Mount Rumia.

The metal church will descend to the mountain from the sky.

Once upon a time on the top of the mountain stood a magnificent ancient temple. The Turks conquered the city of Bar and destroyed this temple. "God punishes us for our sins" - so people decided. It was then that a legend appeared that the Lord would help restore the church and she would sink to the top of the mountain directly from the sky. It is necessary that everyone who rises to the mountain, brought a stone as a sign of repentance, and then a miracle will happen. Years passed and on the top of Mount Rumia several hundred stones were raised.

In 2005, the legend came true. From the helicopter, people lowered the church of the Holy Trinity to the top of the mountain.

A miracle these days.

Here is one of the stories of a nun that I remember.

In one Moscow family there was a misfortune. The girl, 15 years old, lay in the hospital, she was prepared for a complex operation. Her father decided to climb this mountain without shoes, as a sign of deep repentance. Whatever the temptation to wear sneakers, left them at the beginning of the journey. The road to the temple at the top is stony and in places slippery from the grass. When the man came down from the mountain, the nuns saw his feet, they were in blood. But the girl's father was glad that he had carried out the plan and the next day he returned to Moscow.

A week later in the monastery learned the wonderful news, the girl was better and the operation was canceled.


Mount Rumia is located in the community of Bar, Montenegro.

The height of the mountain is 1569 meters above sea level.

The total duration of this route is 6 hours.