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A wedding in Montenegro is wind, waves, mountains and endless love. And we will take care of all organizational issues.

Event in Montenegro Agency offers professional organization of weddings, anniversaries, weddings and travels. We will share the intricacies of organizing a turnkey wedding in Montenegro, fresh ideas and useful recommendations.

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Why exactly a wedding in Montenegro?
Montenegro is a friendly European country offering amazingly beautiful venues for weddings. Decoration of festive events will be sunny landscapes, ancient cities, mysterious lakes and the Adriatic Sea.

The favorable, mild Montenegrin climate and delicious cuisine fill the stay in the country with positive emotions and impressions.

The absence of a visa for Russian citizens and the legalization of official marriage in Montenegro in Russia makes this country very attractive for newlyweds.

What to consider when preparing for the wedding?

When preparing for the wedding in Montenegro, we recommend taking into account several important points.

Prepare the necessary documents

Find out the list of documents for entry into Montenegro from the relevant state. services. Specify which documents you need and which ones to your guests.

Will a marriage made in Montenegro be legal?

For Russians, marriage registration in Montenegro is recognized as legal. But, if you are citizens of another country, we recommend that you check with the registry office if marriage can be legalized in your country. If not, then a symbolic ceremony is the perfect way to resolve this issue.

Booking and advances

Booking hotels and apartments begins in early autumn, so you need to decide and make a prepayment. Choose a place for the ceremony, a banquet and also make an advance payment. It is advisable that the ceremony venue is not far from the hotel where you will live. So you save money on transfer and time.

National character

Add national flavor to the celebration! Montenegrin cover groups and national dance groups perfectly decorate the holiday and create a special mood.

Concept and style

It is necessary to choose the design of the site and the restaurant in one style, to determine the main colors and the concept of the celebration. We recommend involving a designer to draw the main important areas for clarity.

Official wedding in Montenegro

The official wedding ceremony in Montenegro is conducted by an authorized person in the local municipality or at the venue that the couple in love chooses.

The ceremony is held in the Montenegrin language in the presence of a court interpreter and two witnesses. Newlyweds receive an international certificate. The official registration of marriage in Montenegro is recognized as legal in the Russian Federation. More details >>>


Symbolic wedding in Montenegro

A symbolic ceremony is a romantic adventure for lovers. No need to collect a package of documents, as for an official wedding. She is popular for couples who are already married and dream of a wedding on the sea. More details >>>

Wedding in Montenegro

We organize the sacrament of weddings in Orthodox and Catholic churches. In Montenegro, ancient and modern churches are located in the mountains, on the coast and on the islands.

The duration of this ceremony is about one hour. For an Orthodox wedding, a couple needs to provide documents on a civil marriage. More details >>>

Wedding Venues in Montenegro
Poolside LIDO

Luxurious wedding venue overlooking the pool and sea. Located on the territory of a luxury yacht marina in the city of Tivat. If you look at the pool from the base towards the sea, it seems that the water seems to flow into the Adriatic. One of the decorations of this place is a 3-meter sculpture called "8 Opportunities." Exquisite venue for the wedding ceremony and banquet. You can invite up to 200 guests. More details >>>

Hotel-castle Adrovic

Wedding ceremony on the terrace of the castle - restaurant Adrovich. It offers amazing views of the famous island of St. Stephen and the blue sea. Convenient in that in this place you can hold a ceremony and a wedding banquet. The restaurant provides two terraces for 45 and 80 people. More details >>>

Site at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Baroque area with a magnificent staircase at the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Wonderful panoramic view of the mountains and the sea. Nearby is a lighthouse and small boats at the marina for boat trips. The venue is designed for a wedding ceremony for up to 50 people. More details >>>

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About agency
Wedding Agency Event in Montenegro is a reflection of individuality and the embodiment of the desires of every couple in love. We are located in Montenegro and offer professional organization of celebrations in the most delightful places of the country. We carefully think over the style and concept of the wedding day.

We bring dreams and bold ideas to life so that our customers have joyful and warm memories.

You can read more information about us on the website.

Wedding prices in Montenegro
We create holidays, taking into account the budget and wishes of the client. We help to set priorities and find interesting, vibrant solutions - all at very reasonable prices.

Symbolic wedding ceremony in beautiful places: from 1230 euros.
The official marriage ceremony in the municipality: 900 euros.
Wedding in the church: 450 euros.
Funny quests for a birthday: from 350 euros.
You can find out more about the cost of weddings and other events on the Prices page.

Do you want to know the details of the organization of the events? We are ready to give you several contacts of our customers for direct communication, with their permission.

You can read reviews about our work on our website or in social networks. We will also be grateful to receive a video review from your wedding!


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