Church of St. Tom (Becici)

Church of the Holy Apostle Tom is located near the spa town of Budva in the area of ​​Becici. The temple is located on top of a small hill, in a quiet and picturesque place between centuries-old pine trees and dense cypresses, towering above the Adriatic coast and Becici beach.

According to many sources, the church was built in the XIV century in a typical architectural style for the surrounding areas and was dedicated to the Apostle Saint Thomas. Unfortunately, the original, ancient temple was destroyed at the beginning of the last century. That temple, which we see now, was built of white ashlar stone on the foundation of an ancient church in 1910. At that time, he bore the name of Stefan Štiljanović, the last Pashtrov prince, Serbian despot and saint, who was born in the immediate vicinity of this church. At the moment, the church is the only local attraction of this age.

The temple has a small observation deck, a courtyard with a church and souvenir shop and many flowers, mostly roses. Near the church building is a consecrated spring with healing spring water.
Part of the relics of St. Stephen Štiljanović, which were transferred from Belgrade in 2007, is stored in the church of St. Thomas.