Wedding locationsin the old town bar


Wedding locations  in the old town Bar

In the old town of Bar in Montenegro there are extraordinary venues for the wedding.

Ancient buildings, cobbled streets and incredible energy of this place. In the middle of the 13th century the city of Bar gained its independence. There were palaces in the Renaissance style, churches, monasteries and bastions. Today it is a place to visit tourists from all over the world. Popular photosessions in olive groves next to the brightly blossoming oleander bushes, from ancient ruins, overgrown with greenery. The huge clock tower reminds that here time has stopped and we can enjoy the views as the rays of the sun illuminate the stone walls of the buildings, recalling the former splendor of the city.

In the Bar there are wedding venues, from which you can see the whole city as in the palm of your hand.

We can organize a buffet table according to your wishes.

There is an Old Bar at a distance of four kilometers from the sea.