Romantic dinner. MARRY ME

Romantic dinner in Montenegro. Marriage proposal in Montenegro

There is one way to surprise your loved one.

Create something special and romantic for him. Something that will replace 1001 words about love and make him even happier.
Imagine a marvelous view of Boka Kotor Bay. Sunset, candles on the table, the aroma of flowers in vases, fresh fruit and wine.
It's a fabulous evening for two.

You are the reason that the eyes opposite are radiating happiness.

A saxophonist and a pianist play at a white grand piano, cold fountains of two meters scatter festive sparks, and the sky is illuminated by bright fireworks.


romantic dinner


Surprise your loved one with a romantic evening in one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro. There are places in Montenegro where you can be secluded on special sites by the sea or high in the mountains.
Romantic dinner on a yacht with a sailing trip on Boka Kotor Bay or Skadar Lake on a luxury premium yacht

We offer several options of wonderful locations for this event. We discuss the menu in detail (we can bring dishes from the restaurant) and decorate the table according to your preferences.

  • We bring furniture, designer tableware, decor, handmade candles and beautiful tablecloths.
  • For you we install a marquee with light snow-white fabric and retro garlands (it takes about 6 hours to install the marquee with the connection of retro garlands).
  • We invite a waiter who will be able to serve you with quality service at dinner
  • Cake, candles, cold fountains, fireworks - everything for unforgettable, bright, emotions on this special day

There are some interesting ideas on what you will arrive at this dinner in. It could be a retro car, a cabriolet or an F class car.

Or you can also arrive at the venue on a white-sailed yacht with red sails.

Our agency not only organizes such events, but also creates the decor and we have everything in stock.

We can always agree on the cost)


Such a day is remembered with a mysterious smile in the eyes, with love and warmth. These memories are always filled with tenderness and happiness.

This is what warms the soul and inspires.

We have been organizing such evenings in Montenegro for 10 years now, and we thank our clients for their  positive video feedback

(about 100 of them (!)) for our future clients.

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