Сhristening in Montenegro

Montenegro is unique in that there are several religions. Orthodox and Catholic churches, mosques were built.

In Montenegro, you can see two altar Orthodox Catholic churches.

Each temple has its own rules and regulations.

If there is a post in one church, then in another Orthodox church this post may not exist.
The main religion in Montenegro is Orthodoxy.

There are small temples, old ones with a view of the Adriatic Sea, and there are new ones in the city center for a large number of believers.
The Holy Church calls baptism a second birth. The rite of baptism in Orthodox churches is held as well as in Russia.

Important for parents in baptism is the choice of the godfather of the father and mother.

They must be believers. The next step is choosing a church name. According to tradition, they call it the name of a saint. After baptizing and bathing the child in the font, new light clothes are put on him.
The sacrament of baptism itself lasts no more than 40 minutes.
Churches in Montenegro can be viewed here.

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