Fireworks in Montenegro

Do you want a bright spectacular impression at the end of the holiday?
Let's organize fireworks!
Salute will decorate:

romantic dinner,
a beautiful declaration of love with a marriage proposal.

Time-tested, fireworks are liked by adults and children.
In Montenegro, there are rules for launching fireworks. This is permission from firefighters, from the police, from the owner of the restaurant or site where you want to have a celebration. It must be taken into account that fireworks are safe for trees, hotels and yachts.
We will take care of obtaining all these permits.
You just need to tell us what kind of fireworks you want, and we will organize it all).
To decorate the holiday, we offer you the following:
- salute from a boat or, if allowed, from the site where the celebration is taking place
- cold fountains
- helium balloons
- tent with white airy fabric and retro garlands.
- letters for rent "happy birthday", "merry me" and others.

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