Do you want a fun, sound and bright birthday celebration in Montenegro?

You are in the right place 🙂

We offer you our ideas and help you realize your dreams. You can congratulate your loved one remotely:

-bouquet of flowers with delivery to the addressee

-a big rostovaya doll (a bunny, a dinosaur or a bear) will congratulate the birthday boy, will come to the right address with a gift.

-dinner accompanied by live music in a restaurant overlooking the sea and mountains

-fireworks and cold fountains

-luminous letters "Happy Birthday". You can order numbers or the name of the birthday boy.

We offer several show programs for you to choose from. Sand show, light show, paper show and spray art master class.

1. Sand show

A magical story is created on the light table through light and shadow. The images are broadcast on a big screen with music.

The recording of the show is a gift.

Duration of the sand show 20 minutes and master class from 10-20 minutes. The total duration of the show with a master class 30-40 minutes. For the master class we bring additional tables and they can accommodate up to 25 people

2. Light show

On an 8 square meter light screen, light brushes are painted. The picture appears out of the darkness and slowly goes out.

Painting with light is a real magic for your celebration.

After the show we hand out light brushes to all the guests so that everyone can create their own unusual light drawing.

Duration of the light show is 40 minutes. Of them 20 minutes of the show itself and 20 minutes of the master class.


3. Paper show with disco

Powerful air cannon, white snowdrifts and a rostovaya doll Mishka will cheer you up to your favorite songs.

A real drive and a sea of joy!


4. Master class on creation of paintings in the spray-art technique

Under the guidance of the master, each participant draws a picture with spray paint cans. The paint is safe, it can be painted in the living room.

Create your own spray art masterpiece.

Here are some more ideas how to celebrate your birthday in Montenegro really bright and unforgettable:

get a charge of adrenaline and emotions during an extreme flight over Montenegro on a ziplane of 1050 meters,
rent a luxury sports car or a vintage retro car,
go on a picnic in Ivanovo Koryto,
go on a tour with tasting Montenegrin products and wines, extreme sports for lovers of hot weather - rafting, hang gliding and parasailing, parachute jumping.
holiday on a yacht in the sea.

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