1230 euro

Official registration

of marriage

900 euro 


Wedding ceremony

450 euro 

Holiday for

adults and children

от 350 euro 

VAT is paid additionally in the amount of 21%

It is generally accepted that a wedding abroad is an expensive pleasure. Is it so? Not at all! Of course, if its organization is right. With us you can order the organization of a wedding celebration in Montenegro even with a small budget!

What does the cost of a wedding depend on?
If you are interested in a wedding in Montenegro, the price will depend on many factors: the choice of the site, the scale of the celebration, the venue of the banquet, the menu, the entertainment program, the official or symbolic ceremony, and much more.

There are a lot of opportunities for a fabulous wedding in Montenegro. We will help organize the holiday in accordance with your budget and your desires. Already at the initial stage you will know the final cost of your celebration. At the further stages of organizing a wedding in Montenegro, the price will remain unchanged.

We know how to competently use the allocated budget, and we know where to find the optimal price-quality ratio. Ordering a wedding in Montenegro "turnkey" you get rid of all the hassle associated with the organization of the celebration. With us you will get a luxurious wedding at a reasonable price in a surprisingly beautiful country!


Transparency of transactions

Even at the initial stage of preparation, you will know exactly the value of your event. We will calculate everything in detail and send it to you.

Reasonable budget allocation

We work in this area and know what can be done, and what can not be saved, and how to allocate the budget in the best way possible. With a competent distribution of cash, you get a quality holiday at the best price.

For you the best

For our customers we offer all the best. Beautiful sites, unique castles restaurants, talented photographers, reliable contractors, develop an excellent menu and create a common style of the event.

Gifts and bonuses

Turning to us, you get nice bonuses and gifts. We will pick up the site for the celebration free of charge, we will think over the timing of the event, we will consult on all issues and give you a unique gift.