Monastery Ostrog

Do you want to go to Ostrog monastery? Prepare yourself for an awesome and dangerous journey. A narrow road, sharp turns, oncoming traffic and a magnificent monastery in the rock!

Yes, a little scary. But what you see will be worth all of your efforts. By the way, everyone safely comes to the monastery. They say that St. Basil helps everyone to overcome this road.

When climbing to a height of 900 meters breathtaking from the incredible beauty around.

We left Bar and in 2.5 hours were on the spot.

The snow-white upper monastery is carved in a steep rock! You need to see this with your own eyes.

It is here that people come from all over the world. Here is the view from the site of the lower monastery to the upper monastery in the rock. The energy of this place is extraordinary. Inner pacification and admiration.

Plaids are prepared at the walls of the monastery, with care for travelers. If you are frozen, take it and bask!

There is one amazing feature in monasteries in Montenegro. Here, the candles are put in special boxes with water, at the bottom of which there is sand.

To touch the relics of Vasily Ostrozhsky, you need to have patience. There is always a line in this place. In the season, people stand 3-4 hours. We arrived at the end of October, the waiting time is only 3-4 minutes.

And here is the vine, about which so much is said. She grew up without soil, in the place where Saint Basil died.

From the lower monastery to the upper one there are two roads. You can drive to the upper monastery by car, leave the car in the parking lot. This is an ideal option for the elderly.

The second road through the forest. The journey time is 20 minutes. You need to walk carefully, on slippery stones and uneven steps.

In the souvenir shop a huge choice of costume jewelry with church symbols, oils and magnets. You can pick up an original gift to relatives and relatives.

And these photos of the lower monastery. It is small and very cozy.

After visiting the monastery, we stopped at a restaurant, which is on a cliff. Delicious Montenegrin dishes (as always, just huge portions!) And a magnificent view of the mountains. We recommend everyone to stop there.

Excursion to Ostrog monastery is one of the most popular in Montenegro. We will gladly hold it for you!