Church Wedding ceremony

Church Wedding ceremony

The cost of the ceremony: 300 EURO

Personal manager responsible for the preparation for the wedding;
Selection of the temple;
Preparation for the translation of necessary documents into the Montenegrin language;
Wedding time reservation;
Organization of a preliminary conversation with the priest;
Presence of the agency representative at the wedding.

For a wedding ceremony it is necessary:

Young and witnesses must be baptized;
Not be married to a church;
The married should not be blood relatives;
Photocopies of passports and birth certificates.
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On the territory of Montenegro there are countless Orthodox churches and temples. Many of them are in surprisingly picturesque corners of the country, others - have a centuries-old history, and still others are among the most revered Orthodox shrines in the world. It is not surprising that many couples in love want the ceremony of their wedding to take place in this country.

Features of the Montenegrin church

The wedding in Montenegro for Russian citizens is not much different from a similar ceremony in our country. The wedding can take place either in conjunction with the wedding ceremony, or separately.

Officially, the church does not take money for the ceremony. But in Montenegro, there is a tradition that after the sacred rite everyone makes donations. Their size depends on the church itself and the desires of the couple themselves.

The ceremony lasts about an hour. During the rite, witnesses must be present. It is important that both the witnesses and the bride and groom are baptized and Orthodox. It is unacceptable that witnesses were married to each other, it is also unacceptable if someone from the wedding is already in a church marriage. In addition, it must be taken into account that the sacrament of the wedding is not held during a number of posts.

If one of the young is not baptized, you can be baptized in the same church on the eve of the rite. It is necessary to have photocopies of Russian passports and birth certificates for both of them.

How to choose a church?

To conduct the sacrament of the wedding, you can choose any church in Montenegro. Among the most popular:

Church of the Theotokos (Perast);

The Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Kotor);

Church of Archangel Michael in Herceg Novi

Monastery of Savina (Herceg Novi);

Church of the Holy Trinity (Budva);

Monastery Podmaine (Budva);

Temple of the Archangel Michael (Tivat);

Monastery of Rezevici (Milocer);

Church of St. Tom (Becici).

Each church has its own history. Also, when choosing, it is necessary to take into account the location of the church, its dimensions. Some of them are high in the mountains, where it is not easy to deliver a large number of people. All this must be taken into account before making the final choice.

If you order a wedding ceremony in Montenegro from us, we will help you with a free choice of the best church for free.

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