Holiday for adults and children

Holiday for adults and children


The whole team on the yacht sails on the mysterious island of Mamula. With the help of a special props, the application in the cell phone and the cipher must unravel the mystery of the island. On the way back we visit the Blue Cave, where people can swim to explore it in clear sky blue water.


A rope course in a picturesque place (several offers to choose from) with experienced instructors of coaches. Creation of resource status of each participant, vision of the common goal, joint passage of obstacles using the best strategy. Personal discovery and excitement!
For fans of extreme sports, we propose to include in the program a cable car or flight over the canyon of the Tara River on the zipline at a speed of 50 km / h at an altitude of 170 meters.
This canyon is considered the second deepest in the world, after the Grand Canyon in America !!!


The event takes place in an ancient city with narrow streets, stone buildings, large lanterns with bizarre patterns, in dilapidated houses drowning in greenery and flowers. The final point of the route is the ancient citadel or the magnificent palace of King Nicholas.


For those who like night adventures. 9 - hour route along the ancient Austrian-Hungarian road. In the recesses we find the parts of the map and the exact location of the treasure. At the end of the road we meet the morning with the first rays of the sun at the top of the Lovcen mountain 1745 m above sea level, with an amazing view of the Boko-Kotorsky Bay, Albania and Skadar Lake.


Participants from 6 to 70 years old choose the obstacle course, by age. Skateboarding, flights on a cable car length of 105 meters, giant cobwebs and the most exciting is the jump of Tarzan from a height of 15 meters. Challenge yourself!
In the park, the highest requirements for the safety of the participants are met, all necessary equipment, including helmets, is issued.

 Teambuilding in Montenegro is an important event for the employees of the organization or the company of friends. Under your request we can combine the elements of several programs, discuss all the details, calculate the timing of the event, draw up an estimate, organize and hold the event at a high level.
Let us together create the history of your bright victories!

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