The Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Kotor)

Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas the WonderworkerKotor (1909)

This church is located in the old town of Kotor, and in this temple services are held daily. Architect Chorill Ivekovich designed this church and in 1902 the construction of the temple began, which ended in 1909. The church was built in the pseudo-Byzantine style. At the entrance to the temple there is an image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, created from a mosaic.

In parallel with the construction of the church, an iconostasis of the Nikolsky temple of Kotor was created - it is dated 1908. The biggest shrine was the list of the icon of the Most Holy Mother of God "Three-armed", which the Montenegrins and their ancestors - the Serbs - esteem especially.

There are many rarities preserved in this temple, such as: the temple archives of an old church that burned down in a fire; prepress and printed books; works of art; ancient clothes of clergymen.